SmartRad intelligent fan convector

SmartRad SRX 180BG - Black Glass finish
SmartRad SRX 180BG - Black Glass finish

Heat pumps operate most efficiently at low water heating temperatures and SmartRad has been developed specifically to provide excellent levels of heat output at the temperatures normally associated with underfloor heating systems, around 40C.


This allows the heat pumps coefficient of performance to be maximised, reducing system running costs and household CO2 emissions.


It also allows Smartrad to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, for example with SmartRads on the upper floors - as both can be operated at the same temperature.


SmartRad is also compatible with most heat sources and its characteristics also lend themselves to efficient condensing boiler operation. It is available in a choice of finishes and four sizes with outputs ranging from 600w - 2000w approx when used with a heat pump 3000w with a 60C water temperature.


Approved Mitsubishi Installer