Thermal Insulation Systems - zip-up your home 'jacket'

Thermal Insulation materials
Thermal Insulation materials

Thermal insulation products are readily available in simple form and in engineered systems to improve every element of a typical UK home.

Statutory Building Regulations have driven a huge improvement in standards for new construction and alterations. This has left many properties behind in energy efficiency terms. The further planned enhancements will result in properties built from 2016 consuming as little as one fifth of the energy consumed by a 1970's home.

There can be little doubt that reducing the rate of heat loss from your home is a good investment, and that exceeding current Building Regulations standards is economically compelling.



A carefull reworking of a typical property built eg. in the 1970's would require to following to approach current standards. In rough order of priority:

  • Roof space          - increase loft insulation to 300mm thick
  • Walls                  - inject cavities with polybead thickness average 75mm and/or
  •                           - internal wall thermal linings up to 60mm thick
  • Windows & doors - draught proof, double glaze 24mm, trickle vented
  • Ground floors      - draught proof and insulate with 75mm foamed PU slab
  • Ventilation           - airtightness check and rectify leaks

These measures would reduce average energy consumption by up to 75%.

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