Derbyshire Bungalow Extension and Renovation

South Elevation with fully opening 6 element door
South Elevation with fully opening 6 element door

Overlooking western Buxton this 1980’s property is being re-worked to north and south elevations. Here the objective is to maximise the building thermal efficiency while providing a visual enhancement of 36sqm. additional floor space. A storm porch and carport will additionally provide greater practicality as the building is at 1,100 feet elevation.

Design elements - Services enhancements - Energy Efficiency

  • South facing garden room with glazed structural roof truss and full width multi-leaf doors.
  • 28sqm. carport
  • North elevation storm porch and WC plus services area.
  • Multi fuel stove
  • Underfloor heating system
  • Extended and upgraded electrical system
  • High thermal performance with passive heat gain
  • Hot water and space heating by Air Source Heat Pump
  • Incorporation of advanced thermal efficiency materials.
  • Con-current thermal upgrade of existing areas.

Approved Mitsubishi Installer